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Triticom Carries the Following Products:

  • TCP AppScope
    Triticom's newest product, TCP AppScope is an IP Application-Level monitoring tool.
    TCP AppScope can be configured to monitor any type of client/server interaction including: Web Server traffic (WWW/HTTP), FTP traffic (SMTP/POP3), Telnet traffic, or any other client/server oriented Internet application protocol.
  • Network Management Suite
    LANdecoder NMS
    incorporates all the elements needed for a comprehensive network management tool into one integrated product offering.
  • SNMP Manager
    This 32-bit product integrates with our LANdecoder32 network analysis tool. By simply clicking on an icon, the network administrator can switch between network monitoring and analysis, and individual node management. The latest releases releases include a wide range of usability imptovements, new functions which
    allow for automatic determination of which standard services are running on managed host computers (FTP, Telnet, SMTP, HTTP, DNS, and POP-3), and SNMP Trap filtering capabilities.
  • LANdecoder32
    Triticom's latest upgrades to our award winning LANdecoder32 network analysis product include exciting  new features
    • Native support for WiFi/802.11b Wireless Networks
    • New "Expert" analysis modes for IP protocols
    • 14 new Cisco protocol decodes, 7 new IETF protocol suite decodes
    • New flexibility in memory usage so users can customize LANdecoder's operation to their particular needs and networks.
    • Greatly improved efficiency for maintaining and displaying host/conversation data where thousands of hosts/conversations are displayed.
    • LANdecoder32's driver architecture has been completely redesigned to simplify installation and usage, and to support the wide range of Windows operating system environments. Full support for Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Millenium Edition (ME), including Plug-and-Play AccuCapture drivers has been added. NDIS drivers load and unload dynamically, so that no separate NDIS installation step is required, and there is no need to re-boot after LANdecoder32 installation. Installing and using LANdecoder32 is now easier than ever before.
    • Decode Server/Client - a completely new addition to LANdecoder32 which supports web-based trace viewing. A Java-based client communicates with a server process running on the machine where LANdecoder32 is installed .
    • Completely revised SNMP decode, which recognizes and decodes by name the Object Identifiers (OIDs) over 1000 SNMP-manageable objects.
    • Top 10 Graphs have been extended and improved, with full support for Top 10 "Conversation" graphs at both the MAC layer and Higher-Level protocol layers.
    • New AccuCapture driver support for Xircom's RealPort2 CardBus Ethernet 10/100 (R2BE-100) adapters.
  • RMONster32
    Triticom's software-based RMON-2 agent, RMONster32, is a 32-bit, distributed LAN monitoring package that runs under Windows 9X/2000/XP. RMONster32 is a low-cost RMON agent that supports IETF RFC 1757 (the RMON MIB) and RFC 1513 (Token Ring extensions to the RMON MIB). Additionally, RMONster32 supports all 13 RMON MIB groups, MIB-II, and is RMON-2 (IETF RFC 2021) compliant.
    In it's latest release, RMONster32 is better than ever at monitoring large networks or monitoring for extremely long periods of time, since the maximum allowable size of many RMON tables is now user-settable. User's can now determine how many items, up to 65000 each, should be allocated for the Host, Matrix, High-Level host, High-Level matrix, and User History functions of the probe.
  • LANdecoder Health Reporter
    The LANdecoder Health Reporter is a companion product to Triticom's highly successful LANdecoder32 network analysis tool, enabling a network administrator to view the snapshot data captured and stored by LANdecoder32 in an easily understood format. LANdecoder Health Reporter provides graphical views that support immediate recognition of network utilization, along with load distribution trends over an extended period of time

Other Important Information

And of course, all products include Triticom's competitive pricing, free Technical support, and a generous update policy.

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